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The Hero Route will take you back in time, enabling you to enjoy mountain biking activities in the middle of some of the most spectacular areas of the Carpathian Mountains.

You will set foot in a world that hasn’t been completely altered by the touch of modern civilization, a world still ruled by the wilderness of the mountains, by breath-taking views and in particular by an abundance of places crisscrossed by paths and trails that are just perfect for riding a mountain bike.

Our base camp, which will also serve as starting point, will be close to the town of Borșa, which is located between the two major mountains that make up the Maramureș Mountains National Park, on one side, and the Rodna Mountains National Park on the other. Some of our routes will begin and end right on the premises of our accommodation, whereas others will start a little further away – so as to cover as wide an area as possible during the little time we will be spending there. Our adventure will include long and strenuous climbs, over exciting forest roads, well-defined paths and wild trails rich in technical elements, all of which are part of a grand and truly extraordinary landscape.

The mountains themselves breathe history, as many of the forest roads we will be riding on go back to the beginning of the 20th century, when they were built to serve the troops marching into battle during the First and then the Second World War. The town of Borșa also has a long history of mining operations the remains of which are visible over large parts of the Maramureș Mountains, where nature is slowly but steadily taking over the impressive infrastructure made up of roads, tunnels and concrete constructions that once enabled a wide range of mining operations. The network of roads that back then was used by mining staff or by soldiers going to war is now a perfect playground, waiting to be explored both through climbs and fast descents on your mountain bike. The historical background and the grandiosity of the views will ensure an unforgettable experience in the saddle.

You can expect to find the climax of your adventure in the challenging descents provided by the badly damaged trails and roads that cut through the high mountain pastures and steep mountain sides of the Rodna Mountains. You will enjoy a genuinely unparalleled experience thanks to the awe-inspiring scenery, the abundance of historical mementos, the routes that will test your endurance but also provide you with lots of variety and grandiosity, and, with just a bit of luck, maybe even some encounters with wild animals in their natural and protected habitat.

If our offer seems attractive but you’re not sure you can handle the pre-established schedule, rest assured there is no reason to be worried. We are very flexible and prepared to adjust the program and the routes both before your arrival and during the adventure. This means that you will get to choose whether you want to ride only on certain parts of the routes that we initially suggested or you will be at liberty to choose alternative routes that are more to your liking.

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See how your adventure will unfold::

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Arriving at your destination.

Depending on what you choose, you may get to Borșa either by your own car or we can ensure transportation from the airport or from the train station (Cluj/Baia Mare) to the place of accommodation in Borșa.

Once we’ve reached our destination, we’ll get to know each other better, we’ll reassemble the bikes if need be, and we’ll have dinner together, discussing the schedule for the following days while enjoying a glass of wine or beer.


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For breakfast you will get to mix traditional dishes and foods typical for an athlete in training, such as oatmeal and bananas, muesli or other types of cereals with a high content of carbohydrates.

Depending on the choice made the previous evening, we’ll take our bikes for a ride around the Cearcănul Peak of the Maramureș Mountains. Our itinerary will begin with a longish climb on a forest road that, while somewhat challenging, can still be covered in its entirety, from the saddle, followed by a single trail ascent through a pine forest. Single trail segments will be an important part of our ride, both when climbing and when descending, bringing out the best in us both in terms of endurance and technical skills. The highlight of the first day will consist of a spectacular climb from a steep-walled valley over one of the roads built at the beginning of the 20th century for the benefit of the marching troops. As soon as we reach the summit we will feast our eyes on a striking view encompassing the Rodna Mountains and the Maramureș Mountains. After taking a short breather in the Prislop Pass (1416 m), the established route will take us south, at the foot of the Gărgălau Mountain (2158 m). The most thrilling descent of the day is reserved for the final stage of the ride, and in designing this part of the track we’ve chosen the less popular version, so as to ensure the kind of experience that will put a huge grin on the faces of everyone in our group. This section of the trip will also include a stop at the largest waterfall in Romania, the Horses Waterfall, from which point we’ll do nothing but descend to our place of accommodation.

The ride will be followed by a hearty dinner, to compensate for the day’s effort, and then, early in the evening, by a presentation dealing with certain key principles that define this sport (principles touching on such topics as training, recovery, alimentation, and basic mountain biking techniques), with follow-ups over the next days too.

The day can end around the fire, over a glass of wine or beer, if the weather allows it and your heart desires it!


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This day will be dedicated to enduro activities. Regardless of the option we have settled on, this day will take us on a cycling-appropriate area of the Rodna Peak. The climb will be anything but easy, in terms of both strength and skills required to complete it successfully, but you can expect to be fully rewarded by the final descent, which will provide you with at least 1400 m of vertical drop… And there’ll be plenty of single-track to enjoy.

Further details will be available on site.


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Depending on how tired you are, we have prepared several route options. The standard proposal is for an easier itinerary, 100% fit for bike riding, through areas interspersed with traditional homes and crisscrossed by narrow and steep lanes. The climbs won’t be too long, but they will pack quite a bit of elevation gain, the pain of which you will quickly forget in the midst of the lovely and unique views at the feet of the Pietrosul Rodnei Peak (2303 m).


[accordion-item title=”Day 4″]

Lots of cycling. And a sizeable reward to match the effort. Through a maze of forest roads and steep lanes we will reach the southern part of the Rodna Mountains, in an area that’s well hidden from the sight of most tourists. Throughout the day we will be closely watched by the Pietrosul Rodnei peak, the highest point of the Eastern Carpathians. This is where our team has prepared a sort of “trial” for you. You will be faced with a short but definitely steep climb on a narrow ledge within an alpine plain, on a road that usually allows good grip under normal weather conditions, the kind of climb that will test your physical strength and endurance rather than your technical skills. Whoever manages to complete this climb without getting off the bike will get free unlimited booze after dinner! Finally reaching the summit after an exhausting ascent, we’ll need to brace ourselves for the descent. There’s no use lying about it – the descent won’t be easily accessible, nor will you be able to stay in the saddle throughout it; however, it will provide you with plenty of segments just perfect for mountain biking, over trails that run across some rather fiery northern slopes. In the end you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you have crossed the Rodna Mountains north to south, through their most difficult part. Which is no small feat.


[accordion-item title=”Day 5″]

For the final day we will allow you to choose between two different routes. We decided not to make the choice ourselves right from the start because we’re striving to make this adventure a reflection of your own vision. The first option is to ride on the ridge of the Suhard Mountains, over roads and paths that are 100% fit for cycling, but which will require a 40 minutes drive to get to the starting point. The alternative is to ride in the Maramureș Mountains, which provide us with a solid network of wild trails that we will be able to access through the former mining infrastructure. The history-infused atmosphere, the wild landscape and the untainted nature will leave a deep mark on you. You will get to enjoy mountain biking, the thrill of exploration and adventure, all in one trip.

In the evening we’ll throw a small grill party with carefully selected music and endless chatting.


[accordion-item title=”Day 6″]

The final breakfast at the feet of the Rodna Mountains. If your choice of the package includes transportation from the airport/train station to Borșa, we will of course take you back to your chosen point of departure.

Join us for a unique mountain biking adventure in the remote northern regions of Romania. Leave all your worries behind!



[tabby title=”Services included”]

There are two ways of booking the Hero Route adventure:

1. The Full package


This package does not include accommodation, breakfast or dinner, nor does it include transportation, presentations for each separate ride or presentations regarding training, technique and proper diet.


Get in touch with us and we will provide you with all the information you need.

Do you need a mountain-bike, an e-bike or a road bike?

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to fulfill your desires in terms of equipment!

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