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mountain bike camps

Mountain bike camps

We’re glad you’ve taken the first step. You have just opened the gates to a realm of unique and profoundly unforgettable experiences that you will be able to fully enjoy in the saddle. Mother Nature has set the stage and your mountain bike will be your tool for reaching feelings so intense you never guessed they existed. Should you like us to, we will lead you into a great adventure made up of ingredients we’ve patiently and painstakingly selected, aimed at rounding your perception of your favorite sport.


Purple Lines MTB Camp 2017. Day 3.

It is the morning of the third day of the Purple Lines MTB Camp. For the second time in a row, the pink blooms of the rhododendron have slipped through our fingers, and the snow and trees that have fallen here and there have blocked some of the track I

Purple Lines MTB Camp 2017. Day 2.

The second day. Climbs before lines? I wake up with the sound of a Limp Bizkit concert, a band that has somehow decided to perform right on the patio of our B&B in Borsa… what an honor, right?! My alarm was supposed to go off anyhow, so I get out


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