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First Lines 2022

În 3 februarie începem cu cea de-a treia ediție First Lines. Primul camp TNQ din 2022 bate la ușă, First Lines 2022 fiind introducerea ideală în schiul de tură sau splitboarding. Înscrie-te acum!

About the north quest

Our team is made up by very talented and well-trained riders whose lives always gravitated around everything bike related. Between competitions and epic mountain adventures we put together our knowledge, ambition and experience to provide to you the best services. From mountain biking camps, training programs, nutrition, theoretical presentations, bike fitting and evaluation tests, we have the perfect solution for you. 

Training programs

In a world where you have all the information at your fingertips, everyone can call themselves experts in any field, but the difference is given by the results, experience and knowledge of the trainers. Reaching your potential and becoming efficient in your training is many times achieved by attention to detail. You have to be dedicated to your training as there is no shortcut to mastering your skills, but as long as your motivated we offer you the tools to reach your fullest potential.

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Trails of Joy 2021

Motivația noastră de a căuta cele mai bune locuri de dat cu bicicleta izvorăște cu siguranță din senzațiile unice pe care le trăim în spatele

Ingredientele esențiale ale progresului?

Antrenamentul în ciclism, precum și în alte sporturi de anduranță, presupune îmbinarea corectă a unor variabile, a unui puzzle destul de complex a cărui piese



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