Through the North Quest project we’ve planned to give life to the desire of sharing the experiences that define our vision with whoever feels the same and is eager to discover our beautiful journey of soul-stirring, one-of-a-kind mountain bike adventures.

Just as each person is a product of the environment and is being thus influenced by it, we have grown up and cultivated our passion and character under the influence of spectacular natural sceneries which belong to this fascinating region situated in the far north of Romania, called Maramureș.

The North Quest is actually a small group of friends. If we were to describe ourselves, we’d say that we are hard-working, free-thinkers and open to new ideas, bound together by our love for nature, for outdoor activities, for adventures of all kind and above all – for mountain biking and all the feelings it unfolds.

Everything we do is fuelled by this passion. It is a flame that takes the form of the commitment, loyalty and hard work that define our mission. The result of all this work may be seen in the routes and programs that we, as mountain bikers and mountain lovers have created for you, like-minded-people. Not because we had to or someone made us do it. Honestly, we’re doing it because we love it. The rest is up for you to explore.   



Sign up for one of our mountain-biking camps, go for an all-inclusive experience or simply hire out one of our guides to explore new bike routes in Maramureș and beyond.

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