The passion for mountain biking, for mountains, for all the hidden challenges, for all the effort that this sport involves and the feelings it generates, for the friendships made – are all elements we find not just within ourselves, the members of this team, but also in those like us. Yet, when it comes to providing mountain bike guidance, all the above mentioned features just aren’t sufficient. In a world that is saturated with the promise of gratifying experiences, the only factors that are able to make a difference are the personal competences and the know-how. Those who promise unique experiences in this field are not a few. Frankly, it’s quite easy to make a promise. It’s keeping that promise that makes the difference.

We, the people behind The North Quest, connect our great passion for mountain biking with the same amount of training, individual experience and most importantly, with the ongoing self-improvement. Our team members are highly experienced and exceptionally fit, communicative and rational, so we hope you’ll have a good time together.


Sign up for one of our mountain-biking camps, go for an all-inclusive experience or simply hire out one of our guides to explore new bike routes in Maramureș and beyond.

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