Maybe you have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for and what you really like. Or maybe you don’t. No matter where you stand right now, what we want is for you to be able to easily determine whether or not you can relate to what we have to offer. We are not fishing blindly for customers. It would go against our nature to do so and we are clear about what we want.

The starting point when creating each of our packages is simple: it all starts with our shared passion for mountain biking. As such, if you not only love mountain biking but are also passionate about the challenges that you may encounter in Nature’s unexplored and hidden recesses, then you’re certainly within our target. All our offers are centered on mountain biking and are aimed in particular at riding on those routes that provide the most variety, but in keeping with the riders’ various levels of physical and technical training.


Certain packages place a special emphasis on combining the time spent in the saddle with an opportunity to come into contact with traditions, culinary customs, local people, with the locals’ activities and life-style. Others are more specifically oriented towards our favorite approach and involve a serious dose of mountain biking, a lot of physical effort rewarded with technical descents that provide plenty of variety, spectacular wild scenery, hidden places and memorable adventures. Regardless of what you choose, long evenings spent around the fire with good music and endless talking will be an important part of your experience.
Join us in a unique adventure and we will lead you through breathtaking places, where otherworldly scenery unfolds underneath your eyes as you discover perfect mountain biking routes, within a landscape that stands under the sign of the interaction between history, tradition, and an archaic life-style.


Sign up for one of our mountain biking camps, go for an all-inclusive experience or simply hire out one of our guides to explore new bike routes in Maramureș and beyond.

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