Somewhere long ago, in our early years, we began to go to the mountains and to primarily experience the deep feeling they are capable of generating. The feeling had subsequently given birth to a passion that was later turned into a lifestyle, a belief, a mindset, an endless hideaway from the all the rest. The rest…well the rest is what happens when you’re not out there, exploring to the fullest the vibes that Mother Nature has prepared for you on any given day.

Mountain biking, besides being a common form of transport and regardless of the perspective taken, is, for the most part, a means by which you get to access emotions and set the exact colors and touches you wish to a framework that has already a lot to do with the extraordinary.

Beyond the traditional field and the generic approaches implied by mountain biking, we set forth a different direction, away from strict rules and fixed plans, away from the urge to check targets only for the sake of the record, away from the predictable being turned into the usual or away from the expensive and superficial delights generated from artificial needs. It entirely reflects not just our vision on mountain biking, but on life in general. Tired of the false ambitions we have once surrendered to, tired of misapplying ideas for the sake of our own material well-being, we became determined to offer that something we have once found and yet the very something we will forever be in search of. We dare to think unconventional and refuse to compromise in order to reach our goals. For us, the aim is not to change the environment so that it better accommodates you, but rather to learn to adapt to the environment so that you act in accordance with its most fundamental structure.

The North Quest tries to forward our own determination to step to the deepest of places, over the mountains and through the woods, reach the most breathtaking wild and intact natural areas and only from that point on to begin greeting, exploring, discovering and facing Mother Nature’s most natural makeup. It’s because we know the greatest things in life happen when you stray from the normal path and risk something new. The key element is to keep being curious, original and dreamy, and to hold on to your beliefs. The special things will eventually be revealed, filling your heart with joy, powering your body with well-being, relaxing your mind and enriching your soul.


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